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It's a Drewww

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It's a Drewww Empty It's a Drewww

Post by xDreww on Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:14 pm

New On here. I'm going to try to be active as I can get. Really enjoy the members of this studio. AT. You guys are pretty awesome. If I wasn't in a studio I would have loved to join you guys. xD
Love my bros Madara and Digeo! Bromance, but in the most heterosexual way. : D

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It's a Drewww Empty Re: It's a Drewww

Post by [madaraxD] on Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:20 pm

no homo of course :awesome: xD, welcome here Dreww! hope you like our forum and EDesigns is pretty awesome too!

There are no limits to your imagination!
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It's a Drewww Empty Re: It's a Drewww

Post by xDieguitoAMV on Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:52 pm

ajajajajajajaja that video... minute 3:11 xDDDDDDD :aimkissyface:
Welcome here bro!!, hope you to enjoy this forum and share your videos :up:
And realy thanks for what you said... glad you like our team. And you know that im a fan of EbulletDesigns.

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It's a Drewww Empty Re: It's a Drewww

Post by TritioAFB on Sat Jun 23, 2012 2:16 pm

Hmm that looks suspicious :ying:

Welcome Andrew to the forums...... :awesome:

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It's a Drewww Empty Re: It's a Drewww

Post by Oversoulzero on Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:58 pm

Welcome Aboard sir~

charlas de skype:

[10:20:36 PM] NProtecktSikario (david): jajajaja DIOS ed
[10:20:44 PM] NProtecktSikario (david): sos demasiado bajonero
[10:20:55 PM] NProtecktSikario (david): MAS CONFIANSA
[10:21:00 PM] Ed: xDD
[10:21:02 PM] mike: es con
[10:21:02 PM] mike: z
[10:21:04 PM] mike: hijo de puta
[10:21:05 PM] mike: xd

[9:39:22 PM] Ed: me voy a ver porno
[9:39:25 PM] Dieguit0: gigi
[9:39:27 PM] Dieguit0: gogo
[9:39:31 PM] Ed: pornostros los pobres la movie D:
[9:39:35 PM] Ed: esta buena
[9:39:38 PM] Ed: la recomiendo e,e
[9:39:42 PM] mike: lol
[9:39:47 PM] mike: yo te recomiendo
[9:39:49 PM] mike: que veas una
[9:39:51 PM] mike: que se llama
[9:39:57 PM] mike: abreaeyeditahdp
[9:40:02 PM] mike: es bastante recomendable tmb
[9:40:03 PM] Ed: xDDD

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It's a Drewww Empty Re: It's a Drewww

Post by Sponsored content

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