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Stylize 6th

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Stylize 6th Empty Stylize 6th

Post by Raitei Wed Jul 09, 2014 4:55 pm

Stylize 6th 1404931341-bann-stylize

(Thx Oxide pour la ban & Sly pour la promo vous gérez ! )

Why hello, community!
The 6th edition of the Stylize IC is launched! After a great success with the 5th, we hope this one gets as many participants as the former, if not more!
The massacre will last exactly 72 hours: from August 15th 8:00 PM UTC+1 til August 18th 8:00 PM UTC+1.

- Shadox
- Sly
- Raitei

- 1 minute 50 seconds minimum (intro/outro excluded)
- Only 2D animation is allowed (yup, no 3D).
- You can participate on your own or as a group, the choice is yours, but pick your partners wisely.
- Use only the songs provided in the packs for the AMV. You can use anything for the intro/outro.


The songs will be available on August 15th 8:00 PM UTC+1.
They will be split according to difficulty levels:
- Hard
- Medium
- Easy

You’re advised to submit to the appropriate category, but taking risks will be greatly appreciated.

No matter what category is chosen, mastery of the song and originality will be deciding factors as to how high you’ll be ranked.


- Free for all (everyone is invited)
- The pack (only MEPs will be ranked)
- Lone wolves (only solos will be ranked)

Please register on this topic to sign up for the IC![/spoiler]

Participants :

- 3DM
- Gearz & Wownewgen
- Irany
- Bigalaxy
- Lilcrow972
- Yukii & Redassaut
- kenshiroAMV
- 995Gabber
- KuroRukio
- Kyoroichi
- FinalNero & MiraiAlchemist
- Danz & reyzenamv
- Rayden
- [madaraxD]
- Miguel y Rosa 3.0
-xHAZAMx & SeJuaniAMV


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