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[] Iron Effects

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[] Iron Effects

Post by [madaraxD] on Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:19 am

Nuevo año y los nuevos Iron Chef comienzan! esta vez hosteado por la comunidad alemana, con una innovación interesante, sin las tradicionales ¨categoriás/géneros¨, dejo el post a continuación:

A lot of contests or Iron Chefs focus on romance, fun, dance or something along those lines. With this IC we want to try something different. This one will be about effects and how well you can use them.

The Categories
Colorize the World:
Colors can leave strong impressions, even when absent. To create a colorful cluster of awesomeness will be your job in this category. Walking the thin line between epileptic seisures and impressive art is going to be your biggest challenge.

Sync your Lips:
This is a well-known and common effect but it is still, even for the most experienced editors, an effect that is hard to master. It might not be a bad idea to have an “alternative” way of thinking to shine in this category.

The Mask:
Masking is nowadays considered essential for a good AMV but like all effects, it needs to be used in an appropriate way, so it doesn’t destroy the flow. Going for a different approach will be the key to stand out in this category, because masking can we used in a myriad of ways.

1st – 72 hours to edit
2nd – Each category will have 3 songs to chose from
3rd – You have to chose your source before the declared deadline (01.22.2012), you can use as many sources as you want, your source has to be animated footage though
4th – Each source that you chose has to be in your video … and if you get the brilliant idea to chose 20 anime and only implement 1 of those as your main source and 19 frames of the other anime that you picked, then you will get slapped in the face by a bald german guy
5th – You’re not allowed to show your name/logo/watermark/etc. in the video (blind auditions)
6th – You will be informed of your category at the start of the editing stage
Send your source selection to me via a PM, please.

Times and Deadlines:
End of source selection: 01.22.2012
Start of editing: 01.27.2012 - 22:00
End of editangelion: 01.30.2012 - 22:00

Of course we’ll need a winner of this whole event at the end of it and the jury will be the fairest in the whole world – You! Every participant will receive an evaluation sheet to value different parts of the AMVs. You won’t be able to rate your own video of course.
The points that will be rated are:
- Implementation of the effects
- Quality of the effects
- Flow
- Overall

If you want to join in this utterly glorious Iron Chef, just say something like “I want to marry a bald german guy“ in this thread and send me your source selection before the deadline expires.

Para inscribirse van a este link:

Si leyeron las reglas tienen que elegir que anime/s usar antes de que comienzen, y luego estan obligados a usar todos sin excepción, por ese elegir más puede complicar más, y elegir uno solo y que no encaje puede complicar las cosas.

There are no limits to your imagination!


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Re: [] Iron Effects

Post by xDieguitoAMV on Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:23 am

:awesome: .. interesante



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Re: [] Iron Effects

Post by Oversoulzero on Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:36 am

Apenas voy leyendo esto O:!

charlas de skype:

[10:20:36 PM] NProtecktSikario (david): jajajaja DIOS ed
[10:20:44 PM] NProtecktSikario (david): sos demasiado bajonero
[10:20:55 PM] NProtecktSikario (david): MAS CONFIANSA
[10:21:00 PM] Ed: xDD
[10:21:02 PM] mike: es con
[10:21:02 PM] mike: z
[10:21:04 PM] mike: hijo de puta
[10:21:05 PM] mike: xd

[9:39:22 PM] Ed: me voy a ver porno
[9:39:25 PM] Dieguit0: gigi
[9:39:27 PM] Dieguit0: gogo
[9:39:31 PM] Ed: pornostros los pobres la movie D:
[9:39:35 PM] Ed: esta buena
[9:39:38 PM] Ed: la recomiendo e,e
[9:39:42 PM] mike: lol
[9:39:47 PM] mike: yo te recomiendo
[9:39:49 PM] mike: que veas una
[9:39:51 PM] mike: que se llama
[9:39:57 PM] mike: abreaeyeditahdp
[9:40:02 PM] mike: es bastante recomendable tmb
[9:40:03 PM] Ed: xDDD


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Re: [] Iron Effects

Post by TheCacoVenom on Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:28 pm

con esas fecha no podre participar xd, asiq eu en la proxima


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Re: [] Iron Effects

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