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IC Soul's Team 10 : X-BURNER Edition [Rules and link to registration]

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IC Soul's Team 10 : X-BURNER Edition [Rules and link to registration]

Post by MagicDarkLight on Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:25 pm



Welcome to everyone for this 10th Edition of the most expect IC of the year. Soul's Team IC. This year again, we expect a lot of editors, ready to fight for a period of 72 hours, coming from all countries, from all continents to know who will be the next winner.


◄ The Judges

The jury will be composed of the previous 3 winners of last year's edition, the  God Eaters : Cross, Luciole and MagicDarkLight. A trio which promises you even more quality and entertainment. It is I, Cross, who will present to you the rules.


◄ Rules & Concept (must read)

The rules are simple and remain the same as last year. For those who didn't take part into the contest, here is a summarry :

  • Inscriptions are taken into account ONLY on this link: / If you don't post there, you won't be counted as a participant.
  • You will have to build a team of 3 people and name a captain
  • Each team member will have to choose a category amongst the 5 proposed
  • AMVs will have to last at least 2min (Intro and Outro non included)
  • Only these containers are allowed: .avi, .mp4 and .mkv. In case of .wmv, it will be decided in fonction of the person.
  • AMVs must not be over 200Mo.
  • All types of animations are allowed. All videogame cinematics, uncommon sources (musical clip...), etc. are also allowed as long as they are animations.
  • All video with subtitles or logos (watermarks) will be penalized, unless the subtiles or logo hold a meaning or have their place in the concept of the amv.

So, just to give an additional word of explanation: as you have understood, you are totally free for your sources, except for cinematographic film with real actors. Of course you'll have to name a Team Captain who will be the representant of your team. It's important for us, judges because he's the link between your team and us. It's just to avoid the disparity of information.



[justify]You may have noticed that it's not 4 anymore but rather 5 categories that are proposed this year. Here is the list :

  • Action
  • Dance
  • Fun
  • Romance/Drama
  • Horror/Psychedelic


◄ Dates of the contest : Thursday 27 February at 21 pm [GMT +1 Paris] and will end on Sunday 2 March at 23:59 pm [GMT +1 Paris]

For the dates, we had to make a choice so they were based on France holidays. I hope it will work out for most of you. The IC will begin on Thursday 27 February at 21 pm [GMT +1 Paris] and will end on Sunday 2 March at 23:59 pm [GMT +1 Paris].


◄ Add-On

Little add-on of this year. We will choose the best 3 team banners at the end of the IC. This podium will get 1 bonus point in the final ranking. It is just 1 point in order to avoid critical issue.




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